Tailored To Your Specifications

what we offer

Tailored To Your Specifications

what we offer


We design and construct attire which is fitted to your body type and shape, giving you the look and feel which you could never get straight of the rack, which automatically translates into a more confident you.

Business Professional

The no fuss bespoke suit for your meetings with clients or simply to look and feel powerful at the office.

Best Of Bespoke

Here our imaginations fly free, your input, our input, exactly what you want.

Tailored Tops

Wondering how to dress up your jeans for a new event or for a night out on the town, custom made bespoke tops are the absolute go to in order to give you that extra boost of beautiful.

Formal Affair

We feel that the clothes you wear to a formal affair must reflect who you are as an individual whilst also turning heads. We pride ourselves in constructing the perfect outfits so that your evening occasion will always be a night to remember.

Casual Sophistication

Looking casual with sophistication is as simple as a custom made linen short and matching jacket, but don’t let that stop you as looking good has no limits.

Pure Elegance

With the finer details in mind we use French lace, cut out detail and embellishments, we have taken it upon ourselves to prepare your suit with that SFH touch which you will find nowhere else. This is a must have ensemble for your wardrobe.


Never feel limited when it comes to SFH as it is our goal to ensure that you are dressed for every occasion in exactly what you want. With this in mind we can prepare a capsule collection based on your every day needs, your professional needs or your social needs. The capsule collection will be the product of our research and your desires so that you can receive a wardrobe specific collection of a few items which you love. Introducing the “Capsule Collection”.